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The choice of drill manufacturing

Because this is a kind of optimization of nanostructures, can make the hardness, toughness and resistance of residual stress in balance, therefore, in all kinds of drilling applications, from the company's AlTiN coating is a generic solution, it is a universal coating solution.
The choice of drill manufacturing
Do you need to drill steel, stainless steel or cast iron? Or the part you need special geometry (deep hole, microporous, bench drill, internal cooling and external cooling), Calloy disturbance can improve the abrasion resistance, and extend the service life of cutting tools on medium speed and high speed. So far, the cracks in the layers have tended to wander along the boundary between about 100 and 400 nanometers thick. Due to the thickness of the nanometer layer between 5 and 20 nanometers, the propagation of fracture is significantly reduced, even in dry drilling or deep hole drilling application, its life span is obviously prolonged.
The choice of drill manufacturing
Improve wear ability also means more smooth chip evacuation, not only in hard materials or non-standard manufacturing tasks, and tools and mechanical stress in the lower level, prolong the service life of the expensive capital equipment and performance. The number of holes increased by 20 to 40 percent in the steel output tests at medium and high drilling speeds. In cast iron, processing time can produce 500 holes and reduce half.

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