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Aluminum end milling cutter series

Aluminum end milling cutter series
Aluminum end milling cutter series
There are various types of vertical milling cutters in stock.
U unique shape of the chip to ensure high feed rate lower chip with excellent results
The double rear angle increases the strength of the cutting edge.
Unique U flute
- even in high input processing, excellent chip removal efficiency can be achieved
- U - shaped and sanding flutes reduce the edge of the establishment.
- double back angle
The high rigidity of the cutting edge ensures high productivity.
The sharp tip
- roughing and finishing
Aluminum processing
Aluminum end milling cutter series
• setting up the edge
Low heat resistance will produce residual stress or inaccuracy after processing.
- scratched because of low hardness
Cutting tool life shortens due to side wear
Troubleshooting of aluminum processing
- use the rake higher, sharp edges and oil (MQL) to reduce the load and the accumulation of fog cutting edge.
• increase the Vc and reduce the cutting depth to achieve better surface finish.
Calloytool has introduced a new aluminum alloy end milling cutter. Compared with the previous AES type vertical milling cutter, the processing performance of the aluminum alloy is better.
The new aluminum end mill has a very strong core diameter to ensure the maximum rigidity of the cutting edge. This allows an aluminum end mill to operate at a very high speed and speed, while providing excellent chip removal.
In addition, compared with the existing AES type vertical milling cutter, the enhanced vibration damping performance has achieved a higher productivity level and longer tool life. Compared with standard end mills (standard and long), new milling cutters with rounded end mills can now be applied to medium length (ML) machining applications.

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