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The introduction of carbide tools

In the modern cutting process, the general trend is dry processing. But, there is material, because of the high temperature produced in the cutting area, dry processing can not be carried out.
The introduction of carbide tools
Even the most modern coating tools are the same. These are known as hard to cut materials, such as:Austenitic stainless steel, high temperature resistant nickel cobalt alloy, titanium alloy and hardened steel. The processing of these materials requires the use of cooling and lubricating fluids (CLF). It is well known that the cutting fluid is affecting the whole cutting process. this by changing the life of cutting tools, most of them can be seen, in which the use of the cutting fluid cover can prolong the tool life and reduce the total cutting cost. The decline of cutting force is also common sense, which also means that the power consumption of the machine will be reduced. Economic production needs to reduce tool wear to reduce disruption and tool costs in the manufacturing process. From the cost structure of processing parts, it can be seen that the cost of CLF is 15%, the cost of tools is 10%, and the cost of energy consumption is 4%.
The introduction of carbide tools

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