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Introduction about high-performance DLTUP600 Steel End Mills

High-hardened and chilled steel (HRC 45 ~ 70) for automotive and mold parts, with excellent durability and wear resistance.
Introduction about high-performance DLTUP600 Steel End Mills
This hardened steel material obviously causes a large amount of tool wear on high-temperature relief surfaces in high-speed and dry machining. In addition, the tremendous impact that can occur during the machining process can lead to sharpening of cutters and cutters.
DLTUP600 Series End Mills are specifically designed for the machining of high-quenched and heat-treated workpieces, complemented by ultrafine substrates and newly invented AlTiSiN coatings. Has good coating adhesion and high temperature wear resistance. Therefore, the tool life can be improved by retarding the peeling of the coating under high-speed and dry conditions.
Introduction about high-performance DLTUP600 Steel End Mills
Due to the negative angle, low cutting load blade design and special edge treatment, greatly improving the cutting resistance, so that the stability of the processing without edge rupture.
DLTUP600 Series end mills offer over 20% longer service life than previous products, improving wear resistance and optimum tool geometry making them suitable for machining high hardness and heat treated materials.

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