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The features and application of carbide rods

Calloytool has achieved success in the innovation of aviation applications in China and in the world. UF09, 9%Co and superfine WC0.5 are a major achievement made by Callotool in the manufacturing of CFRP parts and components in aerospace industry.

The features and application of carbide rods
High wear resistance
• excellent deformation resistance
• HSM - high speed machining
• very suitable for extreme wear and tear materials
• hardened steel, plastic, fiber reinforced material, CFRP, CFC, aluminum alloy
The features and application of carbide rods
The combination of WC grain size, cobalt content and other materials enables Calloytool to provide high-quality cemented carbide powder, providing customers with the highest performance, the highest quality and reliable cutting effect. By using high quality raw materials, Calloytool provides a high quality hard alloy carbide rod with different sizes, shapes and lengths.
With the growth of the global smartphone industry, especially in China, Calloytool's innovative UF12 superfine brand, WC0.5 and 12%Co stainless steel parts have proved to be the leading industry in the industry. These unique properties and applications provide the highest performance for the user.

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