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The application of heat resistant super alloys end mill

The application of heat resistant super alloys end mill
This application guide focuses on optimizing the processing heat - resistant super alloys (HRSA). Optimization tools are a prerequisite for one of the most challenging material groups to be processed, but it is equally important to apply them. We will guide you through the most common materials and processing applications. Our goal is to provide you with application and process advice to help you use our products in the most productive way while ensuring the highest workmanship reliability and component quality. Our goal is to provide customers with complete tooling solutions to meet cost reduction and quality improvement initiatives.
Productivity and quality and reliability are our priorities. When we talk about productivity, you see that we measure it in inches by three minutes. It is important to understand the relationship between speed, feed and cutting depth composition, not just cutting speed, which is usually the most destructive parameter when considering tool life.
 The application of heat resistant super alloys end millThe application of heat resistant super alloys end mill
HRSA materials fall into three groups:
nickel-based, iron-based and cobalt-based alloys. The physical properties and machining behavior of each varies considerably, due both to the chemical nature of the alloy and the precise metallurgical processing it receives during manufacture. Whether the metal is annealed or aged is particularly influential on the subsequent machining properties.
Nickel-based are the most widely used, and currently constitute over 50% of the weight of advanced aircraft engines. The trend is that this will increase in new engines in the future.

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