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Solid Carbide Micro Machining End Mills

Micro Machining End Mills

Calloy Carbide Micro Machining Mills are designed to meet the unique and demanding micromachining applications. An innovative, geometrically-optimized cutting edge that combines a slender, bumpy, tapered neck provides a flexible, high-performance milling solution in a wide range of materials from 66 reinforced hardened steel to graphite.
 Solid Carbide Micro Machining End Mills
These tools are used to cut the diameter. 2mm (. 008 ") to 2mm (.080") at an effective cut length ratio of 2.2: 1, 5: 1, and 10: 1. This line includes bulbous, toroidal, and blunt end styles for use in 24 different designs, uncoated or with TiAlN - 300 new items. For added versatility, these tools are for diamond coatings and are available upon request.
The micro machining end mill incorporates precision-machined precision carbide tools for optimum performance, durability and tool life. The expanded end-of-line reflects the 90 years of applied research and continuous product enhancement developed by specialized and manufacturing technologies.
 Solid Carbide Micro Machining End Mills
Micro and Miniature
Primary Relief Angles
Nominal Plus/Minus Diameter Tolerances
TIR Controlled to 1/3 Industry Standards
Electronic Components
Engraving and Sign Making
Circuit Board Prototyping
Small Aluminum Parts
Plastics for Optical & Medical
Graphite Electrodes

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