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Roughing End Mills

Roughing end mill
Rough-cutters have notches or serrations on the cutting edge, which, like a mechanical shredder, produces shorter, easier-to-manage chips. Often used in "rough" applications where deep cuts and low horsepower capabilities exist.
Manufacturer and exporter of rough cutters. Our product line also includes thread taps and dies, vernier calipers and digital products.
Due to our extensive industry experience and knowledge, we are committed to providing roughing end mills. The end mills supplied are made of high-quality materials manufactured using state of the art technology. At the same time, in order to guarantee quality, our end mills conduct quality checks on several parameters.
 Roughing End Mills
1.Superior quality
2.Perfect finish
3.Optimum performance
Diameter: 1 mm - 25 mm
Roughing End mills are designed with a wide range of bitumen for roughing or large amounts of metal. Calloy tools offer a variety of center-cut, solid carbide end mills and regular lengths to meet your application needs.
 Roughing End Mills
Series 550 Roughing end mill: General purpose materials for 50 Rc including standardized carbon and alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass and bronze. Depending on the metal being processed, this rough matte finish can be used for TiCN or AlTiN coatings.
Series 600 Roughing end mill: Special materials for the space age such as titanium and nickel-based superalloys (inconel, rene, wasploy, etc.). Its high spiral (40 degrees) and good geometry geometry reduce tool pressure and generate less heat, while allowing for greater cuts to raise rates. Depending on the metal being processed, this series 101 can use TiCN or AlTiN coatings.
Series 650 Roughing end mill: suitable for aluminum, brass, copper and other light materials. 3 Flute High Helix Roughness Geometry produces a manageable chip that allows for maximum feed rates in analytical and grooving applications. Also used for general purpose deep grooves and pockets. This series of 102 standards using AlTiN or ZrN paint.
You can expect the same high quality and rough series of these, with the Carlo Tools renowned for all our high performance solid carbide end mills.

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