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Aluminum alloy end milling cutter

Dissection of aluminum alloy end milling cutter
Aluminum alloy end milling cutter
There are four obstacles in active grinding of aluminum: flutter, chips adhered to the tool, the wear of the material, and the control of a large number of chips. Tool makers say that all these challenges can be solved by the correct tool design. The company's vertical milling cutter, a part of its production line, is an example of a tool designed specifically for high metal removal rates in aluminum. The different aspects of the tool are designed for the independent difficulties of fast processing of aluminum.
In order to attack the flutter problem, the groove of the vertical milling cutter is distributed unevenly. On the contrary, the tool has two flutes and piccolo two. This uneven spacing prevents the regular grooves from generating harmonic vibrations, which will vibrate on the cutting walls and floors.
Aluminum alloy end milling cutter

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