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Yongpu Carbide Tool is a leading international manufacturer

The environment surrounding end mill, drill and carbide rod business has changed significantly. In Chines’s CNC tool market, competition has intensified due to the labor cost increasing and material price raising. 

Yongpu Carbide Tool is a leading international manufacturer of advanced metal-cutting solutions and carbide rod. The Company has domestic and international customer in large quantity. And we are providing special serves in a wide variety of end-user markets too. We provide a wide range of metalworking and manufacturing cutting tools for different manufacturing industries that produce parts and components. Our customers in aerospace, defense, automotive, basic consumer products, telecommunications and electronics, oil exploration, construction, agriculture, energy, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, and entertainment industries End users, and more. We have about 300 employees in China.

At YongPu, we promote a culture of quality, innovation and service, and enforce strict quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. We have established a strong and effective production management in the three major production bases, which enabling us be a manufacturer capable manufacturering from the carbide rod bar to the drill, cutting tool...

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DLTTK600 series-End mill for thread

DLTUA600 series - High Speed Aluminum End Mill Machining