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Cutting Parameters and General Formula

Parameter and Unit
D Diameter (mm) Fn Feed per Revolution(mm/rev)
ap Cutting Depth (mm) fz Feeding per Teeth(mm/tooth)
ae Cutting Width (mm) Z Number of Teeth
Vf Feed Rate  (mm/min) n Spindle Speed(rev/min)
Vc Cutting Speed (m/min) L Length(mm)
Q Rate of Medal Removal (cm³) Tc Processing Time(min)

General Formula
n Spindle Speed n=(Vc*1000)/(π*D)(rev/min)
Vc Cutting Speed Vc=(π*D*n)/1000(m/min)
Vf Feed Rate  Vf=fz*z*n(mm/min)
fz Feed per Teeth fz=Vf/z*n(mm)
Q Rate of Medal Removal Q=ae*ap*Vf/1000(cm³/min)
Tc Processing Time Tc=L/Vf(min)

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