Thread milling

Thread milling

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Continuous improvement of machine tool technology makes the application of thread milling around the world more and more popular in the field of metal cutting manufacturing. Today, CNC machine tools can achieve efficient cutting through the spiral interpolation milling, this advantage to ensure that the thread milling process of such thread generation increasing. Although most generation of internal thread tapping by the traditional way, but in the relatively small diameter of thread tapping, thread milling technology more efficient end of absolute dominance of tapping, cause it is no longer the main thread processing method.

Even if the tapping process is regarded as to achieve high productivity, but there are obvious shortcomings and advantages. The main problem with the tapping process suffered the chip, the chip will long chip plug tap, tap lead in Kong Zhong is broken or the entire part scrapped. On the other hand, in the thread milling can achieve high performance chip without hindrance. The material hardness for efficient tapping brought another obstacle. Now most of the tap is not suitable for machining of hardened materials, and the special attributes of tap means can only be used for processing thread tap specific diameter and pitch. But thread milling is universal good, solid carbide thread the expansion of the milling hardened materials applicable to thread processing. For example, only a multi tooth thread cutter can be manufactured with the same pitch screw in different aperture Lines. In addition, the thread, with a general tooth type single thread milling cutter can be processed with different standards such as ISO, and US made thread metric thread. The thread cutter also has outstanding performance in the blind hole processing. Thread milling has the ability to overcome the problems of the tap processing, such as tool wear, bending, is processing of materials flexibility.

The traditional way of tapping the advantage is quite obvious, such as easy operation, minimizes the operating staff. This is the reason for tapping can be continuously and widely used. However, in fact, in the global industrial field of thread milling has been widely recognized and regarded as the preferred way of thread processing.


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