thread milling-Thread cutter,milling tool

thread milling-Thread cutter,milling tool

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For medium diameter thread processing, such as a business to be processed aluminum parts, there are M12 × 0.5, M6 × 0.5, M7 × 0.5 three different sizes, the same pitch screw hole, before the need to use three taps to complete. Now use the thread cutter, Vc = 100m / min, S = 8000r / min, FZ = 0.04 mm / r, processing a thread of time were 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 3 seconds, a tool processing 9000 thread, complete The whole batch of parts, the tool has not been damaged.

In large-scale power generation, metallurgical equipment processing industry, pump, valve processing industry, thread cutter to solve the large diameter thread processing problems, become more ideal, efficient, low-cost processing tool. Such as a valve parts processing enterprises, need to process 2 × 11BSP-30 thread, the material for the cast steel, and hope to improve processing efficiency. Fc = 0.07mm / r, processing time 2min / thread, the life of the blade is 620, the use of multi-row, multi-blade chip cutter, Vc = 80m / min, S = 850r / min, FZ = 0.07mm / r, Slot, multi-blade thread cutter effectively improves the machining efficiency of large diameter threads.

Thread cutter, as a fast-growing advanced tool in recent years, is becoming more and more widely accepted by enterprises, and show excellent processing performance, as enterprises reduce the cost of thread processing, improve efficiency, to solve the problem of thread processing difficult arms.


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