Thread Milling-cutting tool,milling cutter

Thread Milling-cutting tool,milling cutter

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Thread Milling demands the use of a machining center capable of helical interpolation. It means that the machine must be capable of three axes simultaneous movement. Two of axes perform circular interpolation when the third axis moves perpendicular to the circular plane. On most CNC controlling this is achieved with a G02 or a G03 code. There are many other factors to consider when using a Thread Mill, the most important thing are being fixturing and tool length extension. Because of the cutting action of a Thread Mill, the forces acting on the part differ greatly than those due to tapping. The more rigidly the part fastened to the fixture and the faster you can Thread Mill. The speeds and feeds are maximized while vibration of the part and fixture is minimized. The following factor of the utmost importance is the tool and tool holder. The Speeds and feeds are reduced depending on the distance a tool is held from the spindle face. A positive lock end mill style holder is always being recommended. Please Never use a collet style holder for a Thread Mill. If you take the rigidity of your fixture, and the distance of the tool from gauge line as a consideration, you should not have a problem with any thread milling operations.


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