Thread end mills-thread milling cutter,thread milling

Thread end mills-thread milling cutter,thread milling

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Thread end mill:

By the same pitch screw holes of different sizes, need to replace several wire tapping, thread milling cutter can be used.

By detecting threaded hole first obsolete, thread milling cutter can be modified by filling knife, the screw is not good, only the workpiece scrapped.

B on the fabrication of large threaded hole, screw thread milling efficiency, can realize instantaneous.

It is a powder thread cutter cutting short chip, no knife wound, wire tapping processing spiral iron, easy winding knife.

Noncontact. The whole tooth cutting thread cutter, machine load and cutting force is small than attack.

This fixture is simple, flexible to handle screw tapping, thread milling cutters available ER.HSK. hydraulic handle to heat up.

You can give a rod type thread milling cutters can be replaced. Us. Metric and inch and the other blade, the economy is good.

Very high hardness processing thread, screw wear, even unable to process, thread cutter can be easily realized.


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