Thread end mill-thread turning,thread milling cutter

Thread end mill-thread turning,thread milling cutter

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Thread cutter

The traditional thread processing method mainly adopts tap, die or manual tapping and threading with thread turning thread. With the development of NC machining technology, especially the emergence of three axis NC machining system, the more advanced thread processing method, the NC milling of the thread, has been realized. Compared with the traditional screw thread milling processing method, has great advantages in machining precision and machining efficiency, and the processing is not affected by the screw thread structure and restrictions, such as a thread milling cutter can be processing a variety of different spin to the internal and external threads. For a transitional buckle or back knife through thread structure is not allowed, the traditional turning or tap, die hard processing, but it is very easy to realize the NC milling. In addition, the thread cutter is more than 10 times longer than that of tap or even dozens of times, but also in CNC milling process, the diameter of the thread size adjustment is very convenient, it is difficult to do with the tap, die. Because of many advantages of thread milling, the milling process has been widely used in developed countries.


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