Thread end mill-carbide end milling cutter,cutting tools,thread milling cutter

Thread end mill-carbide end milling cutter,cutting tools,thread milling cutter

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The application range and application requirements of high-speed steel end mills are relatively broad, even if the selection of cutting conditions is a little inappropriate, there will not be too much problem. While the carbide end milling cutter has good wear resistance in high-speed cutting, but its range of application is not as high as that of high-speed steel end mills, and the cutting conditions must be in strict accordance with the requirements of cutting tools.


1, mold manufacturing for precision machinery, high production costs. Therefore, in order to ensure accurate hole distance and full thread shape, the thread of large mold is processed with thread milling cutter to ensure the quality of the workpiece.

2, nonrotating or asymmetric parts because of the shape of the parts asymmetry, thread turning method, the first difficulty is clamping, processing accuracy can also be guaranteed.

3 、 large bore diameter and intermittent cutting.

Thread milling technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, which has promoted the development of the industry. It is necessary to pay attention to applicable workpiece shape, favorable machining scheme and reliable quality thread milling cutter for thread milling. Only through the comprehensive use of thread milling technology, can we give full play to the advantages of thread milling and achieved results. At the same time, also make the machine tool performance show incisively and vividly, and promote the production ability of thread milling cutter.


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