Regrinding service for tools from our standard programme

Regrinding service for tools from our standard programme

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Performance, almost as good as a brand new tool.You’ll get back your repaired tool

1、with original geometries
2、finish-ground on the original machine with the original programmes
3、coated to the original specifications
4、if applicable with close to 100 % of the tool life and the machining performance of a new tool

That means for you:

  • high process security using the same application parameters as the new tool.
  • Significantly reduce production and mold costs
    A smaller inventory of tools resulting from rapid service
    Here’s how it works:
  • Send an email to or contact your sales representative or the nearest branch directly.
  • You will receive, as requested, our specially developed return to service box to send us your tool, including grinding delivery confirmation, a simple transaction.
  • After filling the restore service-box, you just need make a quick call or send a short e-mail
  • The respective parcel service for your area will pick up the box at your house within the next day. Of course, we’ll cover the transportation costs for you.
  • Your tools will be carefully examined, ground to manufacturing standards and, if necessary, coated. Our experienced staff will carry out the strict quality control test of the service tools before sending the products to you. We would also be happy to send you the quality control report, as requested.
  • You will receive the tool and complete the application within 15 days of the date of receipt of the order.


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