PCBN tool-cutting tool,cast iron cutter

PCBN tool-cutting tool,cast iron cutter

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The quality of the tool’s sharpening has a great influence on the success of the PCBN tool. In order to extend the tool life, the cutting edge of the tool must be strengthened with the appropriate tool sharpening method. PCBN tool grinding with the processing of materials and coarse finishing different changes. Finished cast iron, the tool edge grinding is small, and in the strong rough processing of white iron, the need to sharpen a wide 3.8mm, 15 ° T-shaped edge of the blade. You can also use the edge of the blade and the combination of the fine grinding method of cutting tool grinding. Add a knife edge to the tool to enhance the strength of the cutting edge. For example, a 20 ° edge of the blade is applied to a 90 ° tool angle to obtain a tool angle of 110 °. The larger the angle, the better the cutting edge strength.

As the reinforced PCBN tool cutting edge changes the direction of the cutting force from the blade, it is generally necessary to keep the blade edge corresponding to the hardness of the workpiece material. Cast iron rough processing, the T-shaped edge of the blade is about 0.2mm wide, 20 °; cast iron finishing, only a slight amount of grinding can be. When machining steel with the hardness of 65RC, the width of the tool’s T-shaped edge should be 0.1 ~ 0.2mm and the angle is 20 °.



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