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carbide cutter, cutting tool

In the optimization of milling, milling cutter blade is another important factor, at any time during the milling cutting blade if at the same time in more than a number of advantages, but also in the cutting blade is too many disadvantages when cutting each cutting edge at the same time can not be cut, the power required and in the cutting of the cutting edge is related, chip formation, cutting load and machining results, cutter relative to the workpiece position and plays an important role. In face milling, the thickness of the chip varies little with a milling cutter that is about 30% larger than the cutting width and the mill is located close to the center of the workpiece. In cut in, out chip thickness is slightly thinner than in central cutting.
In order to ensure a sufficiently high average chip thickness / feed per tooth, the number of cutter teeth suitable for the process must be correctly determined. The pitch of the cutter is the distance between the effective cutting edges. According to this value will be divided into 3 types: milling cutter tooth milling cutter, milling cutter, cutter tooth thermi.
The milling and cutting thickness of face milling cutter and the main angle, the main angle is the angle between the blade main cutting edge and the surface of workpiece, there are mainly 45 degree, 90 degree angle and circular blade, cutting force in the direction of change will change greatly with the different main angle: 90 degrees as the main angle milling cutter mainly produce radial force effect in the direction of feed, which means that the machined surface will not bear too much pressure for the workpiece structure weak is reliable.
The main angle cutter 45 degrees the radial cutting force and the axial direction is equal, so the pressure is relatively balanced, the machine power requirements are relatively low, especially suitable for milling to produce short chip workpiece material broken chip.


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