milling cutter

milling cutter

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milling cutter is a rotating tool used for milling and having one or more cutter teeth. The margin of each in turn cutter tooth intermittently cut work. The milling cutter is mainly used to process the plane, the step, the groove, the forming surface and the cutting workpiece and so on in the milling machine. A narrow blade is sharpened on the flank to form the back angle, and the cutting angle is reasonable, and the service life is higher. Sharp cutter tooth back straight, curve and line 3 forms. A straight back; often used in fine toothed finishing mills. Both the curve and the back teeth have good strength and can bear heavy cutting load. They are often used in coarse tooth mills.
Roughly divided into:
1. flat milling cutter, rough milling, to remove a large number of rough, small area, horizontal plane or contour milling.
2. ball end milling, surface semi fine milling and fine milling; small ball end milling cutter can finish the steep surface / straight wall small chamfer, as well as irregular contour surface.
3. flat milling cutter with chamfering, can do rough milling to remove a lot of rough, but also fine milling, fine surface (relative to the steep surface), small chamfer.
4. forming milling cutter, including chamfering cutter, T shape milling cutter or drum type cutter, gear cutter, inner R knife.
5. chamfer knife, chamfer knife shape and chamfer shape are identical, divide into milling circle, chamfer and slant chamfer milling cutter.
6.T type cutter can be milled with T groove.
7. gear cutters, milling out various tooth types, such as gears.
8. rough skin knife, aiming at the design of Al Cu alloy cutting rough milling cutter, fast processing.


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