milling cutter-cutting tool,alloy tool,die tools

milling cutter-cutting tool,alloy tool,die tools

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The geometric parameters of the cutting tool have great influence on cutting efficiency and machining quality. Increasing the rake angle can reduce the plastic deformation of the rake face when extruding the cutting layer, and reduce the friction resistance of the chip through the front, thus reducing the cutting force and cutting heat. But increasing the rake angle will reduce the cutting edge strength and reduce the heat dissipation of the cutter head.

In the selection of tool angle, we should consider the influence of many factors, such as workpiece material, cutting tool material, processing property (rough, finish machining), etc., we must choose according to the specific situation. The angle of the cutting tool, generally speaking, refers to the manufacturing and measuring the angle of annotation in the practical work, due to the different installation position of cutting tools and cutting motion direction changes the angle of the practical work and annotation from different angles, but usually is very small.

Material Science

Manufacturing tool material must have high hardness and high wear resistance, bending strength, impact toughness and chemical inertness necessary, good manufacturability (cutting, forging and heat treatment etc.), not easy to deformation.

Usually, when the material hardness is high, the wear resistance is high, the bending strength is high, the impact toughness is also high. But the higher the hardness, the lower the flexural strength and impact toughness. Because of its high flexural strength and impact toughness and good machinability, high-speed steel is still the most widely used tool material, followed by carbide.

Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride is suitable for cutting high hardness of hardened steel and hard cast iron; polycrystalline diamond is suitable for cutting non-ferrous metal and alloy, plastic, steel and glass; carbon tool steel and the alloy tool steel file, and now it is used for die tip tools.


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