high speed cutting tools

high speed cutting tools

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The new PH geometry has been adapted to the already proven features, making WIDIA’s WMT platform a core process of slotting and being cut off. A tool holder can be firmly on any geometry to be inserted: used to plunge and rotating PT, used to slump and outline of the PC, used to cut off the CM (or use the wiper CM – w), and slump and conversion of hard materials for new PH geometry.

For excellent insertion stability, the WMT tool holder is designed to be a super-long clamping area. The proprietary “dual V” system can easily be securely inserted into the pocket of the tool holder to insert position and superior side load resistance. The precise insertion positioning and overall stiffness can be converted to improve the precision of the system and tool life, surface slot, slot, slot, slot, still need to do analysis.

With 90 degrees at the top and bottom clamp design, rigid cutting edge, and is geometry, a new PH WMT is inserted in the steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, or in the high temperature alloy cutting and flip the first option. The recommended 25pt interrupt cutting feature is an advanced PVD TiAlN coating that extends the service life to equal the number of parts per side.

“Whether the company is familiar with the WMT system or the first time it has come to its market, its value remains: a tool holder, multiple options,” says Filosemi. “Adding new PH geometry to significantly reduce and convert hard stainless steel end mill, or to cut off interrupts, gives the store more options to get the job done.”

the best carbide stainless steel end mill made in china for high speed cutting tools

The SC tool has already published X4, a new multilateral cutting tool for cutting and separating widgets. At the cut width from 0.031 to 0.093, the insertion of X4 reduces the separation of material consumption and makes the precise grooves and replications of small and medium complex components. The X4 tangential insertions enhance performance and ensure high rigidity, stability and productivity.


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