end mills-milling cutter,end milling cutter

end mills-milling cutter,end milling cutter

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Correct use of end mills

When milling complex workpiece on the milling center, the following problems should be paid attention to in the use of NC end mills:

the end mills adopt clamping tools for spring mills, and most of the end mills adopt a spring clip. They are in a cantilever state when used. In the process of the milling cutter, sometimes there may be extended gradually from the knife holder, or even completely dropped, causing the workpiece scrapped phenomenon, the reason is that of the presence of oil film between the tool holder hole and the cutter shank diameter, caused by insufficient clamping force. Cutter factory is usually coated with anti rust oil, if cutting the use of not water soluble cutting oil, the tool holder hole will be attached to a layer of fog oil film, when the film has a shank and a cutter clamp, knife clip is firmly clamped in difficult to handle, it is easy to loose from neutral milling processing. Therefore, before the end milling cutter is installed, the end milling cutter handle and the inner hole of the cutter clamp shall be cleaned with the cleaning liquid, and then they will be clamped after drying. When the cutter diameter is large, even if the knife handles and the knife clip is clean, or may occur in the knife accident, then should be used with flat gap handle and corresponding side locking mode.


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