end mill-end milling cutter,cutting tools

end mill-end milling cutter,cutting tools

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The end edge cutting of end milling cutter, in the NC milling of the workpiece cavity, such as mold, when the cutting point is the lower part of the deep cavity, it is necessary to lengthen the extension of the end milling cutter. If the long edge end mill is used, it is easy to vibrate and cause tool loss due to the large deflection of the tool. Therefore, in the machining process, if only the cutting edge near the tool end is involved in cutting, it is better to choose a short edge long shank end mill with a long overall length of the tool. When the large diameter end milling cutter is used in the horizontal NC machine tool, the deformation caused by the tool weight is more serious, and the problem of cutting end edge easily should be paid more attention to. Cutting speed and feed speed are greatly reduced when long end mills must be used.

The selection of cutting parameters depends on the material of the workpiece to be machined. The choice of feed speed depends mainly on the material of the workpiece being machined and the diameter of the end mill. Tool samples of some foreign manufacturers of cutting tools have the selection table of cutting parameters, which can be referred to.


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