Efficient machining of threads -2

Efficient machining of threads -2

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  1. thread profile and thread processing method

There are many different thread profiles, including external and internal threads. There are many thread processing methods. This paper mainly discusses 3 of the most important internal thread processing technologies: tapping, thread forming and thread milling

  1. thread milling

This is a way of using intermittent cutting with chip cutting method. The workpiece material is removed in a three-dimensional spiral interpolation mode (the formation of short comma shaped chip), internal and external threads can be processed. Thread milling, the spindle and the tool without inversion. Several thread milling method and uses the tool of advantages. Thread milling is a tool can process several thread. Drilling and milling is an example of efficient thread processing. Using this method, one can complete the drilling tool, chamfering and thread milling, which can shorten the processing time and non auxiliary tool change time of drilling and milling cutter can be used. The processing of aluminum, cast aluminum and cast iron workpieces. It must be noted that the thread milling process, can realize the hard thread milling. For example, using a H type (ZBGF H) circular drilling milling in HRC58 on the hardness of hard material machining threads ( Is a perfect remedy for thread workpiece after heat treatment is missing). Of course, thread milling also has some problems need to be solved, such as tooth type compensation, machining and processing cycle, inside and outside the problems need to be considered specifically.

One advantage of thread milling can be removed at the start point and end point in the hole is not complete threads. In order to further improve the productivity, the thread of drilling and milling cutter can also with a point (or end) to determine the tool combination phase.


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