Drills-iron drilling,cutting tool

Drills-iron drilling,cutting tool

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Drilling procedure
1, to determine the feed speed: the feed speed generally relies on the experience, from a numerical point of general 0.08-0.12mm/, or 0.6-1.0mm/ seconds, the feed rate is the key factor in drilling, different feeding quantity can form different iron, iron will make different performance chip changes
2, positioning: in the need to drill hole center a positioning point or chisel with alloy needle mark “ten” word line, to ensure the accuracy of hole position. Note that the use of a positioning center chisel point, please ensure that the center is perpendicular to the workpiece surface image, so as not to affect the smooth discharge of cutting material core.
3, have the right to start drilling: speed, please make sure that the bottom of the seat clean before starting the magnetic drill, first open the magnetic seat and open the switch of the motor, motor operation and open the coolant switch, when the bit contact plate, slowly feed, drill into about 1-2mm, then the normal feed speed.
4, the end of drilling off the motor to stop rotating spindle: after removing cloud around the drill with hook body iron, and then continue to work.


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