Drilling of intersecting holes-2

Drilling of intersecting holes-2

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When the drill hole drilled through the intersection, should follow a rule of thumb: feed rate reduced about 50%. which helps to reduce the number of burr, but also reduce the deformation of drill hole deflection, the mutual eccentric especially.

A lot of body are the first to use the seat hole processing tool, and then drilling small hole cross cut of the hydraulic system, and these holes are often eccentric. In this case, the correct planning processing order is very important. For example, you should first drill a small diameter hole drilling hydraulic system, and then use the seat hole processing tool, because the diameter of a large hole tool is usually shorter in length and can better control the deflection.

However, if the poor performance of the bit itself, then fine edge preparation is of no avail. The cutting force may have great cross hole when drilling through the drill deflection will cause a big problem. The most widely used in machining workshop of indexable blade bit is not suitable for cross hole drilling.

In cross hole drilled, need to provide some support, the bit remained stable. And the blade bit different from other bits of the cutting edge of the drill bit behind not to maintain the stability of the cutting edge.

Blade bit is not suitable for cross hole drilling, suggested using solid carbide drill and drill bit can change the blade bit. In the cross hole cut in poor performance, because they have only one effective cutting edge, and easy deflection. The cross hole diameter is less than 12.7mm, the whole hard alloy bit is the only choice for large diameter cross hole, the need to consider the cost of tool can change the drill bit. The cost is only half of the whole hard alloy drill, and the machining accuracy is good. Many cross hole is deep hole, hole depth may reach 12-20 times the diameter of the hole. When the pore size is in the range of 3.225.4mm or more, the whole hard alloy bit so long can be quite expensive, especially large diameter drill.



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