Deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling

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Deep hole drilling is a kind of drill specially used for deep hole drilling. It can be divided into two kinds: outer chip and inner chip. The biggest disadvantage of deep drilling is the difficulty of heat dissipation and chip removal.
A drill specially used for machining deep holes. In machining, the hole with a hole ratio greater than 6 is usually called a deep hole. In deep hole drilling, it is difficult to get rid of heat and chip, and it is easy to bend and vibrate because of the poor rigidity of the drill rod. Cooling and cooling systems are usually used to solve cooling and chip removal problems.
Deep hole drilling is divided into two kinds of chip removal and inner chip removal according to chip arrangement. Outside the chip has gun drill, deep hole flat drill and deep hole twist drill, etc., inside the chip for the use of
The processing system is divided into 3 types: BTA deep hole drilling, jet drilling and DF deep hole drilling.
Gun drills are usually made of high speed steel or hard alloy. Various kinds of inner chip removing deep hole drilling can be welded or mechanically clamped and indexable carbide inserts according to size. The guide block on the deep hole drill has the function of guiding and centering to reduce the deflection of the drill hole and the vibration during cutting. The arrangement of cutter teeth and guide blocks in deep hole drilling mainly considers the balance of radial forces during chip separation and cutting. The cutter body and the drill rod can be welded or square threaded.


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