Cutting tool-saw blade cutter,milling cutter

Cutting tool-saw blade cutter,milling cutter

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According to the form of cutting movement and the shape of the corresponding blade, tools can be divided into three categories:

– general tool, such as turning, milling, planning saw (not including the forming tool, forming cutter and cutter), boring cutter, drill reamer and saw etc.;

– forming cutter, the cutter blade and the machined workpiece cross section has the same or close to the same shape as the forming tool, forming cutter, milling cutter, broach, taper reamer and various thread processing tool;

– expanding tool for generating machining of gear tooth surface or similar workpieces, such as hob, gear shaving cutter, bevel gear cutter and bevel gear milling cutter etc..


The structure of various cutting tools is composed of clamping parts and working parts. The whole structure, the clamping part and the working part of the tool are all arranged on the cutter body; the working part (cutter tooth or blade) of the inserted tooth structure tool is inlaid on the cutter body.

The clamping part of the tool has two kinds: the bore and the handle. The tool with holes is sheathed on the spindle or mandrel of the machine tool, and the torque is transmitted by the axial key or the end face, such as cylindrical milling cutter and sleeve type face milling cutter.


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