cutting tool

cutting tool

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In the cutting process, the cutting tool’s radial depth is lower and the axial depth is larger. This method allows for higher cutting speed to achieve productivity. The effective implementation of different processing strategies depends on a variety of factors, including the use of machine tools and numerical control systems, which will process the large procedures and documents required to complete the processing process.

Titanium processing has its own set of special operations and tool requirements. Moderate cutting speed helps to avoid excess heat and thus facilitates chemical reactions between tools and artifacts. Use as coolant as possible. Sharp cutting edges can reduce the cutting force by cutting the chip off the work piece. The high feeding strategy also applies here.

Different steel, different tools

The influence of machining on steel work piece varies with the composition and production process of steel alloy. Non-alloy steel with less than 0.25% carbon content; For example, the application that has been developed for automotive axle needs strength and impact and fracture. These rolled or forged alloys are hard to break, and the friction surface of the tool and the resulting pit wear and even the problem of adhesion. For these combination, the design of the cutting tool has a sharp edge, can more effectively cut the work piece material, also can use coating chemical resistance to wear, and provides lubrication for cutting surface.

On the other hand, high alloy steel with more than 5% alloy content, including elements such as manganese, can harden on components that require abrasion and hardness, such as hydraulic components and machine parts. The wafers are usually easy to form and break, but the tools to process these alloys are subject to high pressure and high temperatures. If the unprocessed work piece is produced by casting or forging, then a rough surface and possible inclusions require toughness and abrasion resistance.


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