CNC grinding tool-CNC milling cutter,cutting tool

CNC grinding tool-CNC milling cutter,cutting tool

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1) on the knife

A, select the correct wheel
B, choose the correct grinding wheel grinding direction, can not reverse grinding, that is, can not let the cutting edge of the cutting tool grinding wheel, or easy to shock knife
C, choose the appropriate feed margin, feed margin is too large will cause the knife
D, choose the appropriate wheel speed
2) a clamping
A, a clamping tool to complete the entire production process can greatly reduce the production time of a single tool to improve efficiency
B, in the case of not grinding to the chuck, as much as possible folder knife handle
C, if the blade is not symmetrical, to consider whether the chuck OK
D, the tool is too long, to consider with support
3) save machine downtime
The use of CNC grinding time, rest grinding wheel / measuring wheel, reducing CNC downtime
B, the machine is running (the last time of the knife) to tune the next list of procedures to reduce the time to stop CNC downtime, but be sure to install the knife, run the program before the first to confirm whether the program is wrong. To ensure that no wrong procedures will be used
4) before grinding selection, the same type of tool grinding according to the same procedures grinding parameters
A, according to the original knife manufacturers selection, according to different manufacturers choose different grinding methods
B, according to the size of the collapse of the mouth and the location of the pick: 1, the balance is greater than 1mm choice of manual first grinding allowance, or the first line cutting, 2,0.5-1mm choice to complete the machine to complete the balance, in short, need a clamping carry out
5) can be manually processed or reworked, no need to re-use the CNC rework
A, if grinding is not grinding out of the cold hole, then do not have to CNC grinding, grinding can be manually drilled hole
B, small R, such as less than 0.5mm R, the machine is not easy to process, or processing time-consuming, you can use manual drop R


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