Cemented carbide coated tools

Cemented carbide coated tools

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Cemented carbide coated tools are coated with a thin layer of highly refractory metal compounds on cemented carbide substrates by physical or chemical vapor deposition or other methods.
It is one of the effective ways to improve the wear resistance of cutting tools without reducing their toughness. It is also a good way to solve the contradiction between the tool material development, the higher hardness and wear resistance, the lower the strength and toughness of the tool materials.
Coating technology is one of the main means to improve the performance of cutting tools. The coating improves the cutting tool wear resistance, prolong tool life, improve the surface accuracy of the parts, but also improve the cutting speed and feed speed, thereby improving the efficiency of metal cutting.
The hard coating of carbide cutting tools can improve tool life and productivity. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique from a single coating composed of Tic, TiN, to the development of TiCN and Al2O3 composite coating, through the total thickness of coating and choose the order to meet the special requirements of metal cutting, especially Al2O3 coating can provide high temperature resistance performance of diffusion wear, excellent oxidation resistance and high hot hardness is an excellent high, widely used in high speed machining of cast iron and steel materials.


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