Calloy thread milling cutter

Calloy thread milling cutter

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Our company has introduced the first thread milling system to combine the advantages of thread milling with those of thread tapping.

With calloy’s new T2711 / T2712, multiple thread sections can be machined simultaneously with high cutting parameters, enabling machining times comparable to those of thread tapping and forming, to be achieved. In addition to quick machining, users also benefit from the high process reliability of the thread milling process and the cost benefits of an indexable insert tool. The new tool is ideal for machining larger threads with diameters of 1 in. (24 mm) and above.

Together with ease of handling and excellent thread quality, the high level of productivity at low cost per thread due to fast machining (in many cases faster than thread tapping and forming) is a major benefit. In a test involving large-scale crankshaft machining, the new thread milling cutter reduced costs by 60%. Additional benefits of the new T2711 / T2712 thread milling cutter include easy-cutting geometry; wear-resistant, universal grade WSM37S.

The T2711 / T2712 is a universal indexable thread mill for thread depths up to 2.5 DN and a pitch range of 8-18 TPI for UNC and UNF thread styles (1.5-6 mm for M and MF threads). The mill is suitable for ISO P, M, K, S and H. Materials up to 55 RC can be machined.


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