Balance between the blade and holder-1

Balance between the blade and holder-1

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Many users reflect that it must be balanced on their own use of the handle, but it is not clear whether this is correct. If the balance does not handle, will damage the machine tool or workpiece? The correct question is not “should balance the cutter and holder?” but “how to deal with the tool and holder of balance?”

Let us first explain the imbalance. On the spindle, there are many rotary components including spindle and spindle motor itself, if not integrated together, it also includes a motor rotor, gears or pulleys. During milling process, a handle, cutter, rod (screws), and a chuck Belle Weil washers. In turning process, the workpiece is rotary parts, may also include the clamping device.

All of these components are human manufacturing and assembly, therefore is not perfect. The center of mass and the center of rotation of the rotary assembly (determined by the rotary spindle bearings) are not the same. The net impact is added a deviation from the main shaft center as. The size of the balance of quality as well as its distance from the center of rotation to play the same role, so they are usually grouped together. The unbalance of available G x mm (GMM) or ( * oz inches to express.

In most cases, users do not have the ability to adjust the spindle balance. If this ability, you need to adjust the handle and spindle balance. At the same time the allowable amount of unbalance U calculated by the formula: U (GMM) = (G * 9549 * W) /n., G as the balance level, is 9549 the parameters and unit consistent, W rotary mass (kg), n (r/min). The spindle speed

Balance grade G depends on the processing requirements. For example, in general, balance grade for G6.3 universal machine, high-speed processing machine G2.5, precision machine tool for G1.0. allows the unbalance of U mainly depends on the balance is the mass of an object, the tool, the tool and the holder, and assembled the whole spindle, the results of U the values are not the same.


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