Analysis of Tool Application Range Used in High Speed Machining

Analysis of Tool Application Range Used in High Speed Machining

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Tool material affects the wide range of high speed machining technology. Currently used for high-speed cutting tools are: coated tools, ceramic cutting endmills, metal ceramic cutting tools, cubic boron nitride  tools, polycrystalline diamond tools and excellent performance of  high-speed steel and carbide complex knives and so on.

As the high-speed cutting speed is 5 to 10 times the conventional cutting, the tool material and tool structure, geometric parameters and so put forward new requirements. The choice of tool material has an important impact on machining efficiency, processing quality and cost and tool life. High-speed machining In addition to the requirements of the tool material with ordinary tool materials, some of the basic performance, but also on the tool material has a higher demand, including:

1.high hardness and wear resistance: high-speed machining tool material hardness must be higher than the hardness of ordinary processing tool materials, generally more than HRC 60. The higher the hardness of the tool material, the better the wear resistance.

2.high strength and toughness: tool material to have a high strength and toughness, in order to withstand cutting force, vibration and shock, to prevent the brittle fracture of the tool.

3.good thermal stability and thermal stiffness: tool material to have a good heat resistance, to be able to withstand high temperatures, with good antioxidant capacity.

4.good high temperature mechanical properties: tool material to have a high temperature strength, high temperature hardness and high temperature toughness.

5.the smaller chemical affinity: tool material and the work-piece material chemical affinity to be smaller.


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