An effective way to prolong the service life of the cutter-2

An effective way to prolong the service life of the cutter-2

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Through before the introduction of experimental operation, workers reflect, to show that the test results of the machining thread, thread quality is obviously improved, thread surface cleaning, no defects and small burr. Even after more than the prescribed tool life, thread quality can still maintain qualified technical personnel. Therefore, re enacted the new tap life parameters. For example, M10 * 1-6H 600rpm to tap the spindle speed, feed rate of 1mm/r tapping, introducing the tool life into 6000 holes before the provisions cleaning cutting edge method; after the introduction of methods for cleaning the cutting edge, thread life has reached more than 13000 holes. On this basis, through the brush cutting edge every year, can save tools cost about $650.

Success in the tap after the method is applied to all cutting tools. Although various tools to extend the life of the effect is not consistent, but the results are still encouraging. Through in each processing cycle started after brushing or cutting edge, the cutting tool life increased by 2 to 4 times the range. For ceramic indexable insert it was tested for more than 6 months. Brush cutting advantages include improving the quality of the parts, prolong tool life, reduce the tool for reducing inventory, and increase the processing time of frequency changer machine. By this measure, the company’s annual production cost savings of approximately $12600.

In order to further extend the life of cutter, technical staff also tried to use abrasive particles (such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive) brush to brush the cutting edge, but this method is not successful in all cases, the tool life was reduced.

At present, the technicians are processing the center automatic tool change manipulator storage tool position, install a rotary ring brush, it will help shorten the processing cycle time.


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