alloy material threading-thread cutter,Thread milling

alloy material threading-thread cutter,Thread milling

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High-temperature alloy material of threads, thread cutter also shows excellent processing performance and longer than expected life is long, the same, different the diameter of the threaded hole, the use of the tap, you need more tools to complete the processing, but if use threading tool, can use tools; Tap wear and machining thread sizes smaller than tolerance, you can’t continue to use, can only be scrapped, because of the threading tool wear and machining screw hole size is smaller than tolerance, system, and make the necessary tool radius compensation adjustment, you can continue to process the qualified the size of the thread. Also, in order to obtain high precision thread holes, it is much easier to adjust tool radius than high-precision tap. For small diameter threads, especially in high hardness materials and high-temperature materials, taps sometimes break, thread holes are cut, and even parts are scrapped. Threaded cutter is used. Since the diameter of the tool is less than the diameter of the machining hole, it will not block the threaded hole even if it is broken. It can easily be removed, and it won’t cause parts to be discarded. The cutting force of thread milling and tap is much lower than that of the cutting tool. This is a large diameter thread processing, especially important to solve the problem of the machine overload.


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