Advantage of pallet wrap machine

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The reason why you should invest in a pallet wrap machine, we have listed the adavantages for you as below.
1)better unitizing
you will get protected during transportation ,after effectively unitizing the pallet by stretch wrapped.
The flim can be stretch to 250% without any neck down before applied to your pallet. The excellent tension forces have been achieved a higher degree when load was realized by our special pre-streth flim the meanwhile,you can enjoy the variable speed and consistent film tension for automatic corner compensation. you can find our priority compared with other supplier when warpping bricks or empty PET bottles.
2)consitent wrapping pattern
Our stretch wrap machines have many kinds of wrap paremeters to meet your requirements of the amount of the stretched flim when you are loading. You can adjust the stretch strength very easy by operating the system.And it can keep working and never getting tired as a human being,in this aspect ,it’s more effective than human beings.
Our pallet wrap machines’ most outstanding function is that it can wrap your pallet load ground completely, and this function can’t be got by human operators.some models can rope the flim to make your pallet locked tightly.


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